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Article By Pastor Ernest Scott

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Today I want to speak on something life-changing. And if you take the time to think about what I am saying today, it will bring significant changes to your life. Let's talk about breaking Generational curses! It sounds scary to most people, but it deals with having the empowerment to fail.  


A generational curse can come in many different forms.  


The most common form is known as a poverty spirit.  A spirit that comes from satin that causes God's people to be comfortable with living in lack. This spirit will cause you to stay in bondage when there is a way out of your adversity. It will also cause you to have low self-esteem, which will stop you from moving forward with your dreams and goals that are given to you by God. Low self-esteem will cause you never to feel adequate or good enough to achieve biblical success.  


So to overcome a poverty spirit, you must first understand what it is and that you can't afford to keep this curse in your life. Even if what I am saying today does not apply to you, by all means, use this information to help break the generational curse in someone else's life. 


The key to breaking generational curses is to take baby steps. It takes time to change the way that you think consistently. And it takes a lot of focus to stay on course.

Nevertheless, if you choose to do this and you are serious about your life-changing, it will change consistently for the better. Little by little, you will come into the knowledge of all truth, and you will see significant changes in your financial life. No matter what your life, you have the power to grow and to elevate yourself. You have the ability because of the blood of Jesus.  


The size of your bank account does not measure your success. Your success is regulated by the amount of freedom you have every day of your life!  


If you have a home that is comfortable, clothing, and food on your table and enough money that you don't have to ask people for help, you are blessed. If you can provide for your family without having to be concerned about how you are going to make ends meet, you are blessed. 


Success is not measured by what others have. This is a trick from the devil. 


Many people have a false image of having success when the reality of it is this. They have to work to keep all that they have. And the minute that they stop working for any reason. They instantly fall into financial problems. This is not the life that God has for his children. Even in the United States, many people live from paycheck to paycheck. They are buried in credit cards/loans etc. And things are not getting better for them. All because of generational curses on their lives. So I say to you this day. Spend time in weekly prayer. Pray for strength to become a tither if you have not made the decision yet. Let the Lord lead and guide you into all truth regarding your finances. If you have a financial lack in your life, seek the Lord for Guidance. And when he starts to lead and guide you, by all means, listen and obey him. And when it gets hard, don't quit. When satin shows up and tries to entice you to give up, know that all that I am saying to you is true and that you can't afford to stop now because quitting is not an option. And know without a shadow of a doubt that you are a blessed child of God. Even if you don't see it feel it, know that you are priceless to God. Stay well, my beloved Brothers and Sisters, and know that God is your source. Breaking Generational Curses By Pastor Ernest Scott

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